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Hangar 18 Info Deck


There is No Spoon: The New Digital Acquisition Reality

Digital Engineering and Management, combined with Agile Software and Open Architecture, truly is the "rabbit hole" to escape traditional defense acquisition. In his article, Dr. Roper shares more about this trinity of digital design technologies, why their digital Wonderland is exciting, and how they foretell a faster, agiler, and more competitive weapons-buying process our nation needs to succeed long term.

There Is No Spoon

Bending the Spoon: Guidebook for Digital Engineering and e-Series

This companion guide to There is No Spoon will help you pursue spoon-bending results for both digital engineering and e-Series. Specifically, it goes deeper on the modeling and infrastructure requirements to effect several tenants of There is No Spoon: "eCreating before Aviating" and owning and furnishing the tech stack. Though written to stand alone, its insights will make more sense if read as a sequel.

Bending The Spoon